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Technical SEO is a subset of SEO that deals with the technical aspects of a website and how it can be improved to rank better on search engines. It includes things like coding, content, load time, and other factors.

SEO is a broad field involving many different aspects. SEO is broken down into three types: On-site SEO, Off-site SEO, & technical SEO.

On-site SEO focuses on optimizing the website itself such as using keywords in the site’s title tag and meta description, ensuring that images are optimized for user experience, ensuring good navigation architecture to create an easy flow throughout the site’s pages, and creating high-quality content with engaging copy.

Off-site SEO focuses on increasing the visibility of a website through any number of strategies such as external link building, social media marketing, email marketing, and content creation.


Content optimization is the process that helps ensure your content reaches the largest possible audience. This includes using relevant keywords and including meta information about the content in a title and headings.


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